Dutch plants for garden centres

Garden centres in Europe and around the world like to offer a wide assortment of plants. Customers like to have a choice and often buy products on impulse while walking around the store. The plant companies therefore have to arrange the store and tables in just the right way so as to generate more turnover for the business.
Termeulen, the supplier of plants, ultimately enjoys a large share of the turnover and well-being of the plant stores abroad.

Termeulen Purchasing Service offers a wide range of garden and house plants from the Netherlands for the above-mentioned garden centres. The small garden centres want to spend as much time as possible selling and carrying out other additional physical tasks within the company. In addition to an interesting range of house plants and personal advice, Termeulen Purchasing Service also relieves some of the burden for garden centres. By arranging presentation tables with Dutch high-quality products, alternating with price-focused products directly from the grower, garden centres make a difference to the end customers. Termeulen is best placed to offer free advice on table layout, themes, grower contact and the right quality for garden centres in the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and other countries.
As a result of short and strong lines with orchid growers from the Netherlands, Termeulen makes the difference in garden centres that, with their own focus, are battling against competition from a large garden centre and large supermarket chains. How about a weekly table layout of high-quality floriculture products including Phalaenopsis and pretty pots in the same sizes? We can sell ‘plant tables’ for you with seasonal products and great advice in your store!
Termeulen Plants is committed to long-term collaboration and embraces challenges for customers.

In other words, it starts with our partners’ end-user. What does the consumer want, what is he/she looking for when he/she enters the store? And how can that need best be fulfilled? Termeulen relishes taking on this challenge with you, backed up products directly from the grower in the Netherlands. With targeted and specific presentation tables and the correct layout in the chosen spaces, we increase the turnover of our business partners.
Termeulen Plants makes life easier for the customer with a fast webshop and a wide range of products, personal advice on themes and table layouts, and logistics solutions from the Netherlands.
A partnership that is discussed several times a year and that strives for perfection in the sale and purchase of high-quality floricultural products from the Netherlands.