Export of Dutch Plants

The Netherlands is a real plant nation with its growers and suppliers. The cultivation of so many different plants with a high-quality perspective. Many floricultural products are grown in Holland for export of plants to customers around the world. A full range of Dutch plants are offered in our fast webshop along with personal advice from our account managers.

We carefully complete the process of exporting plants for you. Quality plants are carefully selected by Termeulen’s purchasing team. We believe in short lines and fast communication with the grower and customer, so that we can work efficiently in our fast-paced world of plants from the Netherlands.

Growers from all over Holland, with a focus on Naaldwijk, Boskoop and other parts of the Netherlands, are approached to be able to offer you a wide-ranging online assortment. We buy Dutch plants from this top segment of growers. By purchasing at auction and/or from other suppliers, we can offer our customers in Europe price-focused products through various channels.

We have enough tools in house to guide you through the high-quality range via price list, personal advice, fast transport and targeted themes.

All this can be found in our webshop of quality plants. Take a peek inside our webshop!

We deliver our Dutch plants from the Netherlands to the rest of the world. Our customers are mainly located in high-end markets such as Germany, Sweden, and Denmark. However, an increasing number of other countries within and outside Europe are looking for the high-quality segment. Termeulen Plants can deliver to your location anywhere in the world within a few days! For more information about transport, please send us a message: info@termeuleninkoopservice.nl.

Our customers consist mainly of garden centres, wholesalers and florists that can sell a high-quality segment with a price focus. The end customer is central to this. They will eventually see the value of our product, creating a lasting relationship with our client.

Export of plants is a complicated process. How many different orchids come from the Netherlands? Which kalanchoe survives longest? Which product do you sell best in which season? What is the best quality and where can I find price focus products? We at Termeulen Purchasing Service are your eyes and ears in the plant nation that is the Netherlands, and we’re here to help you find the added value for your end customer.