Export of plants to wholesalers

With its high-quality growers, Termeulen has the right tools at its disposal to make a difference for international wholesalers in floricultural products. Nowadays, a plant wholesaler has the right in-house knowledge to give its customers the right information. But is this really true? Do you get weekly price-focused and/or high-quality offers from the Netherlands via WhatsApp and/or webshop? Do you get advice on what’s happening in the horticultural world of the Netherlands?
Or are you looking for a better system that will help you organise your purchase and sale of high-quality plants from the Netherlands more easily? As an exporter to wholesalers in Germany, Scandinavia and more, we offer all these things with a wide quality plant assortment with personal service.

Exporting to wholesalers is a traditional sustainable business. We also believe in the presence of these wholesalers in our high-quality markets. There are, of course, challenges for the future, because the intricate network and logistics are being found increasingly quickly by end customers.
Termeulen can offer personal advice 7 days a week for this plant wholesale business, as well as a fast webshop with a wide range of products and the right logistics resources, even if you want to arrange transport yourself.
By sharing our purchasing system with our current wholesale customer base, plant wholesalers get a simple overview of purchases, sales, margins and turnover.
To further expand our personal service, we can also share our webshop and its articles to our wholesaler customers. In addition, we can make up the CC containers for each sub-customer and send them to our customers. And it doesn’t stop there! You can add your own production and/or other import products to the webshop, so that wholesalers can offer a wide and high-quality range to their customers/florists and can therefore offer strong competition for retail companies.
Wholesalers generally have to make the difference in terms of quality. Retail companies are getting bigger and selling on a larger scale and more cheaply in the market. Through direct contact with the grower, daily fresh purchasing and seasonal advice, Termeulen has the right tools at its disposal to help the end customer in a wide plant assortment, to make a difference for the consumer.

There are a great many challenges involved in plant wholesaling within Europe and for worldwide destinations and we would like to help you tackle them. Are you looking for a (new) partner to take on these challenges or would you like to know more about our range, current partnerships and/or price-focused products offered by our small-scale family company from Naaldwijk?