Partner for plant breeders in the Netherlands

Termeulen is your exporter for high-quality floriculture products. We prove this every day with short purchasing and sales lines. Our account managers will advise our sustainable customers on a daily basis about trends, price focus and availability of products. The process is extensive because we have a close collaboration with selected plant growers that grow high-quality floriculture products for our customers.

The long-standing collaboration was established in 1985. Termeulen Bloemen en Planten started originally as a line driver to Germany. High-quality flowers and plants were sold weekly to top-end florists. In the last 15 years, Termeulen has focused on the sale of high-quality plants to European destinations: with the same collaboration that started 35 years ago, with the same short lines, quality as a priority, and good personal service from a region that is bursting with high-end floriculture growers. Orders can be sent to our account managers on ‘day 1’, at which point we can also advise on price-focused products and new trends. On ‘day 2’ most of the products have been ordered from our suppliers and/or growers. In other words, the bulk of the order is complete. We are flexible and know that short lines of communication are important in the agriculture world. You can always add to the order, as long as the departure time of transport allows for it. On the same ‘day 2’, all high-quality floriculture products are quality-checked. The next step is to prepare the CC containers for the chosen destination of our customer. We always aim for full containers to greatly reduce the transport costs per product. All products are packed in disposable packaging to ease the burden of complex administration.

We can deliver our high-quality plants within 24 hours, with a few exceptions. Because we do not hold stock, the products are fresh and no more than 2 days old when they arrive at our customer’s location.

We can do this thanks to our close and long-standing collaboration with plant growers!

The contact with growers developed because we have been supplying top quality to our customers worldwide for many years. We know our way around the business. Is your company facing challenges like increasing online sales, establishing high-quality products and/or prices? We provide targeted advice on how to stay competitive in our changing and competitive world. Would you like more information about our high-quality plant segment, and why we are the right partner for plant breeders and for you too? Send us a message ( and we will get back to you as soon as possible.